Much of Evan’s love for magic exists in the form of creating new and incredible moments for his audiences. That’s why, in addition to performing at private events for clients, he writes and produces public performances that show magic in a new light.

In recent years, Evan has produced several public shows, all with different themes exploring the possibilities of magic. From taking an outside-the-box look at card magic, to fusing magic and storytelling, each show has a character all of its own. Here are some upcoming shows for the public!




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A Public Display of Deception Recap Video:

A Public Display of Deception

A Gallery Exhibition Exploring Magic and Deceit

November 11th, 12th, and 13th

Grand Opening Reception: Friday, November 11th 6-9pm


Hosted by the StoveFactory Gallery of Charlestown, this exhibition will be free and open to the public. Come take an insider’s glimpse at some of the tricks of the trade that magicians employ to create their illusions. Interactive elements combined with local artists’ renderings of magical techniques make for a totally unique view of the art of magic.

The gallery is located at 523 Medford St, Charlestown, and will be open on:

Friday, November 11th: 6-9pm

Saturday, November 12th: 12-5pm

Sunday, November 13th: 12-5pm

The Grand Opening (11/11 @6-9pm) will provide live demonstrations from local magicians as well as complimentary refreshments. Please call 978.853.8124 with any questions regarding this special event.


 mindless: deception, fraud, and other lies

Saturday, April 9th at 7PM and 9PM


In an all new 70-minute interactive show, Evan Northrup uncovers the fine line between traditional magic and modern mind-reading. A mix of experiments, games, and inexplicable phenomena, “Mindless” is a lighthearted experience that will leave you questioning which feats are accomplished with trickery, and which are true mental abilities.

Are you as susceptible to misdirection and the tricks of the trade as everyone else? Find out by BUYING TICKETS HERE

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July 14th – 19th, Boston Common

This incredible 5 day (FREE) arts festival returns to the Boston Common for its second year. Evan will be a performing roving artist, bringing his magic to thousands of visitors around the Common. Keep an eye out for the finalized schedule, either here, or at


GAMBITS: Where Magic and Games Collide!

Sunday, March 8th at 5:00 PM

Gambits PosterGambits Poster3

Sunday March 8th at 5:00 PM. Come by Diamond’s Magic (515 Lowell St. in Peabody, MA) to be a part of a new show that explores the magical side of some of your favorite games!

Tickets: $10