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Mind-blowing, Mystifying Magic




When Evan Northrup was eight, his dad showed him a trick he couldn?'t figure out. That was the beginning. He began haunting the local magic shops, practicing when he should have been studying, dreaming up tricks when he should have been cleaning his room, and shuffling decks of cards incessantly. He joined the Society for Young Magicians. At 15, he became a street magician for tourists in his hometown of Salem, MA, known for its month-long Halloween celebration, Haunted Happenings. Private parties, club events and other engagements followed.


Today, Evan is an accomplished magician performing many kinds of magic. He is a licensed street performer in both Massachusetts and Rhode Island and performs regularly for a variety of clients. Following his freshman year at Brown University, he created and introduced his first public show, "A Taste of Magic," which he performed throughout the summer of 2008 at the Salem Waterfront Hotel. His second show, "Don't Card Me," will be introduced this October.




~ Boston's TD Banknorth Garden

~ Salem Waterfront Hotel

~ Boston's Langham Hotel

~ Salem-Ota Club

~ Goddard House

~ Camp Evergreen

~ North Reading Little League

~ Salem Access Television

~ The Cub Scout Organization

~ Society of Young Magicians

~ Wilmington Cultural Festival





 Evan is gearing up for a show this coming Saturday (April 18th) for a show at Boston's TD Banknorth Garden.



"Don't Card Me," Evan's first televised show, will be airing on SATV in the coming week! Here are the first of the showtimes:

1. Monday, November 10 - 9:25pm

2. Tuesday, November 11 - 7:05pm

3. Friday, November 14 - 8:00pm

4. Saturday, November 15 - 3:28pm




Evan's latest series of performances at the Salem Waterfront Hotel were a huge success. The audience was dazzled and mystified as Evan showed off his newest feats of magic. Check back soon for details on Evan's next performance and be sure to contact Evan if you'd like to book a private show.


Evan In The News:

The Salem Evening News




In addition to public street performances and his own shows, Evan performs for private parties, clubs and group events. Please feel free to contact Evan about information concerning his availability and his different shows, including:


~ Close-Up Magic: Relax in a comfortable environment, and experience firsthand Evan's feats of manipulation just inches from your seats. Evan has been performing close up magic for over a decade, and will astonish any group of people in an intimate setting.

~ Strolling Magic: Entertain guests at Corporate Events, Weddings, or Cocktail Parties. Evan's charm and ability to interact with any group will not only break the ice, but make this event truly memorable.

~ Sit-Down Show: Treat your guests to a professional magic show, that can be tailored to any event, and made to fit into a desired time slot. From Card Magic and Sleight-of-Hand to large scale Escapes, Evan can keep guests, employees, and colleagues talking.


Please call or email Evan directly for more information.